Journal of the
26th February 2019
Corbyn Turns His Back On  
The Working Classes (again).

Jermey Corbyn has consigned the Labour Party to the dustbin of history  as far as the
working class struggle goes, by turning his back on the working classes finally saying it
will now support a 2nd referendum, the “remainers referendum”. Labour has made
clear what we already knew:

Labour is a middle class party

MacDonell talks of putting a socialist into No.10. He must mean the same sort of
bourgeoise 'socialist' that Labour always produces, one that toes the middle class line on
every single issue, from foreign policy to whether or not we have a democratically
elected government  at Westminster, or an unelected one in  Brussells. The kind of
socialist that is happy to give British fishermen two fingers, like Sir Geldorrrrf.

Socialist? He isn't even a democrat.

Corbyn as we know, turned his back on the working classes the moment he was elected
as Labour leader, when he trashed own website and all the anti EU material there,
speeches, videos, articles. Its all gone. He Stalinised himself.

Now, the long expected final betrayal, he backs a 2nd referendum, merely because a
few Blairite MPs  leave to start a remainers' party. In one stroke he confirms Labour
as a middle class party, and makes it clear what he thinks of the working classes -

They will be celebrating  at dinner parties around Islington tonight, hoping to overturn
the working class vote to leave the EU

We need a proper left wing working class party.
Meanwhile,  a house in Islington...nibbles have been served and Jeremony
has been asked to wait outside in a dustbin while the bourgoisie discuss his
next policy...