Working Class

In Europe people are being weaned off the
idea of change: The EU itself is only part
of a Europe-wide problem; ruling elites
that are divorced from the people and
their lives. They don't represent them
they rule them.

The notion of left wing politics has been
appropriated by the elite. This brings with it an
Orwellian reversal of positions, a reversal of
language itself The word 'racism' for example,
can be applied to any resistance to the
importation of cheap labour (from European
countries). A party that is opposed to mass
European (white) migration but NOT opposed
to immigration from the rest of the world, is also
branded as racist by the middle class media.
 The elite's control over language has made
possible the use of mass migration to drive
down wages - the subjugation of the
working classes of Europe by turning them
into migrant labour.
This is creating real fear
throughout Europe, and is causing a rise of the
far right. What is often called the far right is
sometimes partly only a representation of
working class people's justified fears. The middle
classes have put a taboo on what normal people
want to say about their societies. People are now
afraid and can see their countries being literally
destroyed, like in Sweden.
 There is no left, there is only the middle class
perversion of it, and it is hostile to the working
classes. The EU project to establish  government
without elections is only the constitutional
manifestation of this phenomenon. The
governing class are trying to wean people off the
very idea of change, the expectation to have
power over their own lives. They successfully
represent this backwards step as progressive

The result among the working classes is despair
and real fear and you can see it all across
Europe, having its specific manifestation in each
country according to circumstances.
 It is the great paradox of this campaign that this
process, which seeks to subjugate the will of the
people still further to the requirements of
capitalism, is being represented as the ”left wing”
 This is only possible because there is no real
left. And this is the case across Europe.
 There is a pressing need for a new left,
one that believes in material equality,
within and between countries,(what
socialism was meant to be) and believes in
democracy and which is driven from below
by the working classes.
A movement that
doesn't seek to impose a middle class view of life
upon people instead of those things.
 The fight against the EU is part, is the
beginning, of that struggle.
 The struggle for democracy had, been largely
won, in 1945 and then in 1989, but now it looks
like we, the people of Europe , have to have it
again, even in Britain.

Gregory Motton April 2016
Upholding the
possibilty of change
– the need for a
new left
The most gullible in this respect are the young
middle class who are very susceptible to
propaganda that flatters their self image and
allows their narrow self-interest to appear
politically progressive. Students have become
a militant anti-working class political force
who see themselves as victims of older voters.