Working Class

  One of the worst dangers facing us is the
following attitude; “ the EU is a neo-liberal
project, a drive towards privatisation and
deregulation,  - but  we should remain in case
leaving encourages the far right”. As if we put
out the fire by keeping it immersed in petrol,
silencing the working classes even more.
. It is
their policies which encourage the far right,
resolutely refusing to listen, governing by the
dictates of naked capitalism, turning whole
populations into migrants, stripping poorer
countries like Bulgaria of their health service
staff. Real babies dying but far away so we
don't notice.

Tory-obsession makes the left talk of “a
bonfire of workers rights” if we left the EU, as
if all social welfare comes from the EU - it
doesn't. What world do they live in? The fire is
already burning, but its no bonfire, it's a
Europe sized wipe out. The working classes
are demanding democracy, power, a say in
how their own countries are governed, control
over their communities – but their masters
offer them... maternity leave instead. In Britain
we have 8 million (including immigrants) on
low pay who would rather like to be allowed a
decent life. Let them eat cake? These are
people who DO need democracy. The EU
won't feed them --- Delours in 1988, offered the
TUC the Social Chapter instead of democracy,
and everybody fell for it, bribed us with
something we already had, or were going to get
anyway. Meanwhile inequality is at least as
bad as it was in 1988.
Middle class left wingers have always
rather liked the EU, because it delivered
just the right degree of social democracy
to suit them without disrupting their
wealth advantage over the poor--  the EU
and the middle-classes being resolutely
devoted to the idea of cheap labour.
because it neatly by-passed the electorate,  
defeated the man with a white van, whom they
hate and don't understand. It allowed them to
take left wing politics that used to be about
getting higher wages for the less well off , and
turn it into a game about middle class identity.
Central to which is the new middle-class
religion, of so called non-racism. It became
“racist” for the working classes to ask why
white European cheap labour was allowed to
come and drive wages down. It takes a real
middle-class invasion of labour politics to put
that one across.


 And what do they care about the plight of the
new migrants once they get here? What do
they say about them after they have settled in
and want higher wages ---“ British workers
(and this must include settled immigrants and
sons of immigrants) won't do the we
have to get immigrants to do it” By which they
 new immigrants, cheap immigrants. And
the bit they leave out is  …..FOR THE  LOW
WAGES OFFERED. They wont do the jobs  
for the low wages offered. This is the crux of
the EU intentions on labour.
 It is not the working classes who have
to be more repressed. It is the exclusive
power of the ruling capitalist class in
Europe, and their middle class
supporters and beneficiaries, that have
to be overturned as they are leading the
whole of Europe to chaos and
The EU, The
Middle Classes
And The
Eradication Of
The Left

The EU supports the low wage economy, and
tries to create it where it didn't already exist,
for example in Sweden where it prosecuted
the unions, and sequestrated their funds (like
the Tories did to the miners) when they tried
to get union rates for migrant workers.
Where should the left stand in all this? It's
pretty clear where the left would stand if it
was working class.  
People think the left support the EU.
They don't. The middle-class who have
colonised the left, -
they support the EU,
not because they are the left, but because
they aren't, they support it because they
are middle class. No wonder they support
it,  it's a middle class autocracy.
But they should consider if it is right or wise
to exclude the working classes from politics,
by voting to remain in a system of government
without electorate. They can ask if the EU is
building a safe and certain future, or is it
attempting a coup.  
History will surely condemn the attempt
to govern 500 million people without
Talk of uncertainty! This wild attempt does
violence, once again, to the very values which
many Europeans have fought and died to
There is no opposition to it because the left
has virtually ceased to exist, spun off into
various issues unrelated to working class pay
and conditions of living. Because the
prosperous class who now control it equate
their self interest with politics that is left wing
in name only.  The wolf has eaten grandma
and wears her clothes.
 How else can it be considered to be left wing
to support something as openly capitalist  as
the EU?
 Some people suggest that we should stay in
the EU and “reform it”, a fine example of
arrogant (little Englander?) self importance, a
mis-calculation of our weight.  The EU project
is federalism, everyone knows it except us,
and they will pursue it.  The EU is not
changeable, that's the point of it being non-
A vote for the EU is a vote for the status quo.
That's why the well-off support it. The
purpose of the EU, Barosso's “antidote to
democracy”,  is to remove the opportunity to
change anything. Imagine a near future when
we have an elected left-ish government, under
Corbyn, whose policies clash with the
austerity measures the EU likes to impose on
its members. Remember EU law is supreme
and overrules our own. Then will they realise
what democracy means?

This is not just about saving British
democracy,  the whole of Europe is in the grip
of an autocratic coup by a too powerful
governing class who view people only as the
functions of an economic system, whose
dictates they are made to follow, no matter
what the cost. Theirs is a quietly, but
determinedly repressive hegemony that
creates chaos beneath it.

When the EU is hopefully off our backs we
can get on with the vital work of re-building
the left on working class foundations.  A bright
future doesn't come from vague glossy
impressions, it's about power and who controls
what. In the present state of global corporate
capitalism giving up political power is suicide.
Just as the Victorians tried to make
trade-unionism immoral, so the present
middle classes brand as a racist any worker
who complains of non-union or cheap labour.
It was immoral to protect your job or wages in
Victorian times, it is immoral now. Morality
often coincides with middle class economic
 What do the middle class left really care
about the plight of black families living in
Peckham in poverty, whose children are
afraid to leave their flats unarmed? These are
the low paid or unemployed whose job
chances are threatened by EU immigration.