Working Class

ANTI-DEMOCRATIC,  an organisation
that enthrones capitalism as a permanent
government that cannot be removed by
elections (which is exactly what it is) may
have won the war, in that Britain is leaving
the EU, but we lost the struggle to define
correctly what leaving the EU means and
why it is and remains the only logical
decision for anyone considering themselves
to be left wing in any way, or who cares
about the working class struggle for
material equality and working class
representation in politics.

The reason for this defeat lies in the
relationships of power between the classes.
Forgive me if that sounds like Marxism.
The middle classes have the clear upper
hand, not just in Britain but around
Europe. They have the advantage in
material wealth, they control the media,
they control education, and they control
the whole political establishment. The
working classes feature as lesser parties in
all these areas if at all. For this reason, not
surprisingly, anything the working classes
do or want or decide is easily taken and
distorted and manipulated and controlled,
or denied to them, by the middle classes.
In this case it has meant that
brave and defiant stand of
the working classes against
the united global forces of
corporate capitalism and
anti-democracy, that were
ranged against them in the
referendum has been
represented as its opposite
; as
a right wing, racist, nationalist reaction.
This suits the middle class need to see
themselves as progressive when they are in
fact serving their own interests to maintain
inequality, and when they are most set
against the interests of the working classes.
It is yet again a result  the middle class
left  colonisation of  left wing politics that
now serves middle-class interests. Long
gone is the time when left wingism meant
the working class interest.

It is not only a matter of a shift of
emphasis, it is a reversal. The working
classes are now identified as the enemy.
The working classes are
regarded by the left wing
middle classes in the same
way as they used to be
regarded by Tories in the
1840 and 50s, as ignorant
brutes who cannot be trusted
and who ought to be excluded
from decision-making as far
as possible.
When they make their
presence felt at any ballot box their vote is
carefully identified, not as the working
class vote, but as the
un-educated vote, a
tag which serves the triple purpose of
identifying it, condemning it and
discrediting it at the same time. This form
of labelling also indicates that the other
vote, the middle class vote, is by extension,
well educated and well informed...more
reasonable; anyone who votes the other
way is simply stupid. This is what we get
from newspapers that regard themselves
as left wing. And from the BBC.
In fact the most cursory examination of
middle class individuals on any subject
from the EU to taxation or economics or
statecraft or constitutional politics (how
things work) often reveals them to be
broadly ignorant of even the most basic
facts. They are, however, very well versed
in their own opinions and prejudices and
can parrot them with ease without any
recourse to any facts. Indeed, middle class
left wing opinions are not regarded as such
but as moral laws – any attempt to
question them is met with indignation and
Not since the Victorian
era when they owned
Christianity have the middle
classes been so sure of their
The tendency of the middle
classes to condemn anyone who differs
from their views even slightly is an
alarming characteristic of contemporary
politics. Their intolerance serves to repress
opposition and free thinking, as intolerance
always does – but there is always a limit to
the effectiveness of such repression. Creeds
like that are in the end resisted.

There is a danger in the harsh intolerance
of the middle-classes, in that the  
prescriptive force of their self-righteous
indignation does intimidate and does make
objective discussion difficult. It keeps
change off the agenda. They put the goal
posts where they want them and scream if
they get moved. They have all the forces of
the media and propaganda to amplify their

Sometimes they even take to the streets.  
Thousands of middle-class students on
Whitehall bawled their outrage and hatred
("Shame on you!!") against the working
class vote, and against 'old people' after the
referendum. Then we had the attempts,
largely successful, using social media along
with their parents in the news and TV
media to discredit that vote as racist; the
orchestrated campaign of violent threats
and manipulated reporting that spread
their mistrust and slander beyond even
national boundaries was chilling. No-one
would have guessed that the working
classes had  just achieved an historic vote
against a rule by an unelected capitalist
oligarchy (but then the ignorant middle
classes don't even know that that is what
the EU is because they haven't even read
about it in sufficient detail on the EU's
own website, or are too stupid to
understand what it means when the
government doesn't come from the elected

Those few horrible days were a true
indication of exactly where so called 'left
wing' politics has ended up. As its opposite.

The middle classes of Britain
and Europe are still
lamenting the sad day when
their coup against democracy
was defeated by a working
class vote, and will go on
doing so until it is written
into history in their reversed

It has to be a warning to anyone that
winning a vote isn't enough, you have to
win the propaganda.

How the working classes are to achieve
that without the means to do it, is a
difficult question. But upon it depends the
chance of there being a working class
movement in British politics.
We Won The War
But Lost The