Working Class

   They didn't vote for them because they
feel the party still doesn't represent them.
Labour is still a party hijacked by
the urban middle classes
. Corbyn's
Labour party is like Milliband's Labour
party that preceded it, middle class led ,
middle class dominated and middle class
oriented. The ideas and the politics that
drive the party are still the same middle
class ideas.
 The Labour Party still dislikes and
mistrusts  the working classes whose
outlook and way of life and beliefs
and qualities they do not understand.

   Most important of all the Labour party
is no different from the party that
abandoned the working classes in the late
1970s, who betrayed the unions, who cut
itself off from the unions and who refused
to back the attempt by working class
unions to get a bigger slice of the wages pie.

   They are the same party that follows
the middle class vision of the economy,
based on receipts from investments in
foreign business, weak exports, massive
imports, and  low paid jobs in service
industries rounded off with huge
borrowing to pay for the damage all that
Another Labour Defeat

"Horaay we lost!" Corbyn after his defeat in the 2017 election

Anyone would think Labour had won-

They lost.

They lost because half the working
classes didn't vote for them
Horaay! We Lost
   It is jam tomorrow ...and tomorrow
never comes. Instead of jam the working
classes get benefits handout. Then after a
lifetime of poverty there is an NHS
funded by borrowing, to nurse you into
an early grave. That is the Labour vision
of working class existence.

   It is a middle class party because it
puts a middle class idea of socialism and
trivial political correctness before the
class interests of the working classes who
are expected to always be low paid and
whose jobs are expected to remain low

   It is a middle class party because it
does nothing to create a working class
orientated education system where
working class children can be trained to
do proper jobs in proper manufacturing
The middle class belief
that somehow working class
subjects, working class jobs, and
working class values are inferior,
still forms Labour policy on

   The divisions in our society come from
there being a class who are left behind,
left out, despised and undervalued by the
very party that claims to represent them.
Their contribution to the economy would
be vital to real prosperity but it is not

Corbyn's party is seen as a swing to the
left, but in fact, so far, it is nothing more
than a revival of the corpse of the old
middle class dominated one. The
Islington left.