Government by capitalism, an unelected
middle-class elite making policy without
an electorate, the workers of  Europe
turned into migrants, de-regulation in a
TTIP-ravaged EU, while the oppressed and
ignored working classes around Europe
turn to the far right? - Is that the
bright  neo-liberal future the middle
class left really want?

It ought to be impossible, that the left should
support the EU. We naturally opposed it in the
1970s when Labour party was a left wing party.
The EU is a self-proclaimed capitalist
organisation; It's founding principles, the 4
pillars of the EU, are the four principles of
capitalism; free movement of goods, services,
labour and capital,  the principles of a free
market, not of a political system. Not by
accident, it removes democracy into the bargain.

The EU enthrones capitalism as not just
the economic system but as the political
one too. What kind of future does this
clampdown against democracy offer us? -
An upper middle class autocracy in which
the working classes feature as…..migrant

Doubt the EU's identity? TTIP, negotiated in
secret by the EU, a spectacular betrayal of the
people of Europe to American corporations
gives them power to sue governments for any
regulations that cause them a loss of profits.

By what stretch of the imagination
is all that a left wing project?

How come the left support this big push to
overthrow democracy and replace it with
capitalism as a system of government?
The reason for it brings us to a wider problem -  
the disappearance of the left. If 'left' means
upholding the interests of the working classes,
then it is almost gone. The left has been
colonised by the middle classes.
We know it in Britain but it applies across
The EU is the last step in a process that has
excluded the working classes from political
decision making, achieved by the middle-classes
taking control of the old workers parties, and
now by separating the electorate in the EU
from policy making altogether.

The aim? - to govern by the demands of
capitalism, using the working classes as a sea of
cheap labour. Migration drives wages down and
is also useful in breaking down communities
and nations.  National parliaments are
impediments to capitalism,  possible sources of
opposition and constellations of political will
(TTIP is designed to stop them). Hence the
“state = nationalism” and “little Englander”
The EU is the perfect replacement, a middle
class autocracy, under which mass voting has
literally been eradicated from policy making
(Barosso boasted that the EU is an “antidote to
This is supported by the middle classes in
whose material interests it all operates. They
will support it for  as long as it does.
Democracy? They have no need for it,
EU government is in their interests
anyway. The language of  middle-class
morality is used to silence working class
opposition, just as it always has done.

Mass immigration is being used in Europe as a
weapon of social control, as an assault upon
the working classes, many of whom are
themselves also immigrants.

European cities are aflame while
middle-class politicians pursue
policies that verge on hysteria, and
refuse to listen to working class

Either they passionately believe in their
distorted fetish about xenophobia, or they have
other darker reasons for imposing calamity
upon their own people. There is an urgent
need for a working class left, policy-making
can no longer be left to the middle-classes
The EU is the regressive result of them
making capitalism the policy maker. It is as if
we have forgotten any other meaning of life
except the pursuit of profits (for the rich). But
the neo-liberal masters would rather destroy
countries as unalike as Sweden and Greece,
crush democracy, create strife and chaos,
anything rather than allow the working classes
to have an opinion.         

Direct Rule From
Brussels...for the unlucky
Countries inside the Euro can end up being
ruled directly by the President, Juncker,  who
with Scäuble, the hawkish austerity and
integration German finance minister, acts
literally as  a dictator who demands pension
cuts, home repossessions, the selling off of
Greek assets to German companies, and the
sale of real estate to conglomorates in tourism
and agribusiness, bringing an end to small
family businesses.

The EU has power to instruct cuts to any
expenditure it doesnt like, by-passing the
Greek parliament. As Kouvolakis wrote:
“The goal is a Greece of cheap labour,
non-existent social rights and a few ruins
and beaches. A mixture of Bulgaria and
Tunisia, with the political regime of a
Kosovo”. That is the EU the middle class
left are supporting.

One of the dirtiest deals in recent history.
Closed door to the weak is presented as open
door. They can hardly wait for Turkey to join
the EU before giving the 75 million more
people the right to visas. Never mind the 2
million unemployed, capitalism needs fresh
blood and will do anything to get it.

And for the gullible, the
EU, in its dream version,
seems 'internationalist'.
It is as if the CBI would claim the right to rule
us, and replace the House of Commons. The
CBI, the IMF, the OECD, the Bank of
England, hoards of financial experts unable to
foretell the future until now, queuing up with
predictions, to scare us into giving up
democracy. Wonder why?
The greed for cheap labour in the EU is
barely hidden when “refugees” mostly young
strong working/fighting age men, are taken in,
at the expense of the vulnerable, the women,
elderly and frail, and children, who are clearly
being left behind to their unthinkable fates.
The EU -
A Capitalist

'Internationalism' sounds vaguely
progressive but is it? Not when its aim is to
remove democratic resistance to the demands of
capitalism, to kill off democracy by replacing the
nation state with------another state, another flag,
another army, another police force (this one is
armed) another name, another loyalty, another
bigger set of borders, only this time it's ruled
without elections, this time it's ruled according
to the principles of capitalism, this time it's ruled
by the middle-class & upper class elite of
Europe, this time it's
the EU, the biggest
unelected regime outside China . Does
supporting it make you cosmopolitan,
Government by 'experts' without the
intrusion of ignorant electorates  -  
capitalism is crowned king.