Working Class
Donald Tusk - 'Britain leaving the EU
is a threat to civilisation'

"As a historian I fear that Brexit
could be the beginning of the
destruction of not only the EU but
also of western political civilization
in its entirety."
 Tusk doesn't, on the other hand, think that
abolishing democracy for 500 million people
poses any threat to civilisation. His historical
studies are unlikely to have omitted the
period between 1939 and 1945 when this was
last tried, nor the huge cost to human life and
the near eclipse of civilisation that it entailed.
In fact, at one point there was only one
European country, a democracy, that
stood between Europe and barbarism.
Co-incidentally it is that very same
democracy, Britain, that Tusk says is putting
civilisation at risk by (hopefully) upholding
democracy, again.
The cost to the Polish people of its previous
abolition continued even after the war, as
democracy was outlawed there by the
Russian-installed totalitarian regime.

Donald Tusk, worried that democracy is a
threat to civilisation. Used to be a historian,
maybe he should take it up again
EU dominated Europe is already
the only continent in the world
with no economic growth for a
whole decade.
Tusk might like to bear in mind the
connection between democracy and the free
trade he prizes so highly. There is a
consistent connection between democracy
and prosperity in this world. The most
democratic nations are also the wealthiest.
How long will prosperity continue in
Europe if the EU is allowed to continue on
its anti-democratic path?



Maybe he should worry about the threats
to prosperity and civilisation posed by his
own unelected oligarchy which he
represents as unelected President of the
European Council, making him a leader of
the biggest unelected regime outside China.

He spent his youth trying to overturn the
Soviet totalitarianism. It is sad that such a  
man should end up coming full circle.