Working Class

Judas Christ!

Corbyn betrays the working
classes just hours after getting
(some of) their votes

Sneaky Corbyn interprets support for him
as  “a message to the government that
people don't want 'hard' brexit".

What soft brexit did we want when we
voted to leave the EU?

In another of his  "interpretations" J C has
proved once again that he cannot be trusted,
not least on Brexit. The one thing he can be
relied upon to do is betray the working
classes when they don't conform to what the
middle classes want.

He shares the establishment dream of
overturning the referendum as far as
possible and ignoring the ignorant, badly-
educated (working class) vote. Watch how
many times they repeat that it was the
uneducated who voted to leave.  Do they
call the working class vote ill-educated when
they vote Labour?

The working classes who stood up against
the massed forces of the
world-wide Remain
campaign of the capitalist elite and the
middle class media, and voted to leave the
EU should remember Judas Christ's
betrayal of them at the very outset of the
referendum campaign when he ditched a
lifetime's opposition to the EU in order to
make himself more acceptable to the
Blairites as a Labour leader (that didnt
work!) Stalinizing his own website by
wiping out 20 years of anti-EU articles
and videos
to rewrite history and his own
image for political expediency.
Judas Christ! Corbyn celebrates a defeat
Corbyn Celebrates defeat.
The saga of the man who
began his career as Labour
leader by wiping his own
website to hide his past
His new-found love for the EU shouldn't be
forgotten. He can't be trusted. It is a
warning to the working classes that they
cannot risk supporting him because he will
betray them whenever he has to.
And if
they do vote for him he will use that
support to further the same old middle
class 'left' agenda, not the opinions and
interests of the working classes.

Does Corbyn have a vision of a Britain
where the working classes are in the driving
seat? Or are they to be passengers while the
same middle class crew drive and throw
benefits at them?

Brain-washing middle class students on
social media isn't the same thing as getting
the working classes to vote for you.

We need a real working class party. Leaving
the EU and thereby reclaiming our right to
govern ourselves is a first step to furthering
working class interests against middle class
June 13th, 2017