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We may have just about left the EU by the skin of our teeth but the
fascist project rumbles on in Brussels and Strasbourg and if you tune in
to the EU parliament and listen to how the Euro MPs make up for having
no executive power and no connection to the unelected EU government,
by ranting about “hate-speech, nationalism, sexism and racism” while
displaying all the qualities of precisely the kind of intolerant hate-filled
authoritarianism they would have us believe they oppose, then we can
see that the danger to democracy posed by middle class a
minded capitalists is growing in strength.

The youth wing of that movement, the middle class students, are
whipping themselves into hysteria about the paper  tigers they have
created in the realm of gender politics and flex their confused juvenile
muscles in a pogrom against anyone they deem to be an opponent

Middle class youth, posturing as left wing, setting up witch-
hunts, learning the ropes of political persecution for when
they get older.

The bullying culture of the social media meshes well with their
particular brand of thuggish politics, the electronic jackboot spreads
over the land, and over the world.

Behind it, a complex and multi-faceted attempted coup against
democracy in which the middle classes remove the lower orders from
politics altogether and establish the rule of good order capitalism
without political interference, without democracy. To be plain, that
simply means policy, always in the best interests of capitalism, will be
decided without reference to an electorate, and it will be executed by
the EU government, not the national governments. Not because these
are “nationalistic” but because they are democratic. And it is democracy
they want to remove.

Nationalism is of course fine, EU nationalism. A more virulent and
intolerant and strict and exclusive form of nationalism you couldn't
hope for. It will soon equip itself with an army. It already has a police
force, a flag (which government buildings  are compelled to fly by law)
an anthem and of course – borders. What it doesn't have is an elected
government. It has an appointed one you cannot remove and which
doesn't have to present its manifesto to an electorate.
The EU
has no connection to the EU government, it has
ne resemblance to a
democratic parliament from which a
government is formed.
One day people will learn this simple fact
and the whole colour of  the debate about the EU will be reversed (back
to what it was when the left rightly opposed it in the 1970s).

But please note, the EU just happens to be the convenient political
expression of an already existing phenomenon – the attempt by the
middle classes to impose their values, their own interests and
advantages and their own ideology and power on the rest of us. If the EU
didn't exist they would start to invent it. In the absence of a proper
working class left their success is unopposed. The rise of the right,
across Europe, plays right into their hands. It is the product of their own
intolerance and refusal to listen to the working class concerns about
aspects of their capitalist programme. Such as their intention to enslave
the workforce of Europe and use them all as migrant labour fobbed off
with fake workers rights (that were already available in most northern
European countries) while the EU destroys the unions. The middle
classes can point in horror at the desperate attempts of the working
classes to be heard, and use it as further justification for their
oppression and for them to seize total power in all spheres.

The bourgeoisie claim they must rule, even without democracy, to keep  
'racism' at bay. In fact they are producing, generating and in some cases
literally whipping up and encouraging racism, and the spectre of it. The
working classes need to get one thing straight in their minds –
middle classes are ANTI-working class. Most immigrants
around the world are working class. We should not give any
credence to the anti-racist posturing of the middle classes.

Their technique resembles that of fascist-style dictatorships throughout
history, to create a crisis which requires the suspension or removal of
democracy and the use of special powers to deal with it. This is not the
future this is now. Middle class people are now openly saying that they
either are sceptical about democracy or that they oppose it outright.
Watch how they are now equating it with “populism” the EU's particular
hate target, or even with "nationalism". Indeed the desire for
democratic representation must look for it in national governments as
they are the only democratic governments available. The EU
government is deliberately not democratically elected.
Beware, as
they begin to associate democracy with all that is bad, its
removal is within sight.

Gregory Motton December 2017
Middle Class Intolerance
Sets Its Sights On Populism
(by which they mean
December 2017
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