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First Published on the day after Britain's decision to recover its democratic rights 24th, June 2016
On The Day The Middle Classes Demonstrated Against Democracy As A System Of

While the ruling classes pretend to be also the moral classes, rupture will continue.

Hundreds of thousands  of middle class people are marching today in favour of a system of government that is anti democratic.
The EU Commission is not elected and does not come from the EU parliament. It is an autocratic system with a rubber stamp
parliament, it seeks to govern in the interests of and according to the needs of, capitalism. It was set up by the very men in suits
that this class would otherwise tend to distrust and  like to depose - and yet they are out on the streets in huge numbers to defend
it, with a heart-rent passion bordering on hysteria. How can this have come to be?

There is a rupture in the nation that has brought with it the misidentification of things, and the misuse of words, that makes the
debate itself almost misleading.

The system of unelected government that is the EU seeks to replace democracy, and has said so clearly ( “we are an antidote to
democracy” Barosso,  as president of the EU).  Its federalist and anti-democratic intentions are well known to all except the
British public, and it  has already gone some way in its actions over the last decades,   to overthrow the messy democracy that we
have here, the one that is trying hard to manage and accommodate the rupture, that is  to a large extent trying to deliver to the
remainers  at least something of the result they want.

Our parliament is trying to serve a divided people.  The EU would never get so confused because it has no intention, as it has
openly stated, to follow the will of the people  but only its own will.  The EU has declared its will to be the best for everyone and
the most important feature of this whole debate is that the middle classes believe it.  They believe it even though it is largely the
will of the German banks,  they believe it even though it  is clearly, openly, publicly erected upon the 4 pillars, as it calls them
itself, of capitalism, the four free movements - of goods, capital, services and peoples, the 4 prerequisites of capitalism, as seen
from the owners' points of view.  They believe it despite at the same time seeing themselves as anything but capitalist, they
believe it  and get dewy-eyed about the words
free  and people  in the last pillar even though they refer to turning 450 million
into migrant labour, moving the poorest to where the jobs are in order to press wages down Europe-wide, (how the capitalists
must be laughing with glee at the passionate and militant defence of this by the bourgeois left, )When Tebbit said it, 'on yer bike'
under Thacher it was epitome of Tory cruelty, now it is a blessing from our benefactors). They believe it  and are willing to be
useful idiots to a system that sells them the chance to identify as socialists while being the opposite. They believe it because they
feel confident that the decisions made by the autocracy would be the kind of decisions they would agree with, and that would be
in their interests.  In other words they do not actually believe primarily in democracy and many of them would admit it.   They
have no need for it and no passion for it,  because it involves allowing opinions they don't agree with. This is not something they
as a class are willing to tolerate at present, as their militancy,  no matter what it is about, brooks no opposition and to some
degree is trying to actually outlaw contrary opinion. They think of it as “toxic”.

But it is still a shock that so many of the middle classes are today demonstrating in favour of a system that seeks to  and will
replace democracy, demonstrating  in favour of  an autocratic system, a country called the EU, surrounded by of course hard
borders (whatever happened to no borders? This whole calamity is centring around the EU's fixation on borders, they want to
erect one across Ireland) They demonstrate in favour of a superstate, the biggest dictatorship outside China) that governs in the
interests of capitalism, and offers to protect middle class values as payment for its support.

It is maybe significant that we are not today any longer thinking much about the actual nature of the EU, but about how and how
much we want to remain in it, no matter what it is. Discussing what it IS seems irrelevant as it has now passed beyond the facts
into a symbolic need. It is now about what it represents to people and how it has been made to do so, that is the key to the
It represents  almost everything it was erected to oppose. Freedom, democracy, equality. It also  represents peace, security, and
a general niceness and even a sort of environmentally friendliness, no matter what its fishing fleets are notorious for. And trade
(but only trade with Europe) when before have middle class  students been so passionate about trade as if all life hangs upon it,
not since Thatchers time perhaps?

The facts just do not matter.

In the referendum the real argument was only had partially as the pro EU media paid scant attention to the facts about the EU
constitution and policies and actions. This was replaced by dire warnings about consequences, and the attempt to paint
opposition to the use of migrant labour as racism. Paradoxically the losing side claims  the campaign was full of lies, but most of
the lies were on their side.

The reason we are in the symbolic trance is that it comes as part of a neurotic phase of the development of the middle classes. A
phase where they have created a  rupture in their own minds which is now being played out  in society as a whole. The situation
resembles Victorian England. It is what happens when the ruling classes claim to be the moral classes, it is what happens when
any person or body  or group, claims to be entirely right to the exclusion of anyone else. When the middle classes were religious
and believed that all sin resided in the immorality of the lower orders, irreligion, sex and dirt,  they sought to expunge them and
it from public and private life. God was on their side and the devil was outside them. Husband went to the prostitutes on his way
home and they lived on the proceeds of exploited labour of the masses. As they do now.  That is what upholds their morality
(except most of the manufacturing is done by exploited labour abroad so it doesn't count, and only the immorality is provided
by the domestic masses). Identity then  as now, is paramount. A recipe for hypocrisy. Its not what you do its what you think that
counts, what opinions and beliefs you hold. The middle classes have always been known for their hypocrisy, but when it is alive
and kicking it is harder to nail down than after it has been fully defeated and exposed.

All this involves a split in the psyche, where good always is identified with ourselves and anything we attach ourselves to, and
bad is external, bad is other people with different opinions. This results in an unnatural division, a rupture, a rupture that then
plays itself out in the external world. It does so because this sort of mentality forces a polarisation in society, as it banishes any
opposition or disagreement to beyond the pale, it diabolises the OTHER. Strange that it is an article of middle class faith to
embrace the other. As it is something they signally fail to do. Even just a  mild Conservative, or an heretic from their own camp is
hated  and banned and safe spaces are created where no other view than their own is allowed to even set foot. How similar is this
to Victorian professions of charity and love of the  teachings of Jesus on the one had, and virulent aversion to the lower orders
and 'immorality' on the other.

The EU, like the Anglican church, has managed to paint itself as wholly benign and there is almost nothing it can do to dispel that
carefully created illusion that the middle classes have swallowed whole. Like the Victorian Anglican church too it has an identity
built mainly on blandness so that it is almost impossible to imagine it doing any wrong, it is just so plainly nice. Evidence to the
contrary falls on deaf ears, and comes only from sinners who hate goodness.
In fact it is so good that no amount of lying and cheating, and no hatred or condemnation can be so bad that it isn't justifiably
used in its defence. As with any doctrine that believes itself to be right, often religions but not always, as we are finding out. So
the middle classes finds themselves led into areas where they ought not to go, rupture ensues. Like a dog barking in the mirror,
angrier and angrier at the horrible image barking back at it.
The EU is identified with youth and the future, with hope and liberalism, as if those opposed to it are old (and can be dismissed
and hated for it), and have no future (not as rosy as middle class futures but they'd like one), and are of course bigots. If the EU
had not been so successful in its propaganda that the picture could have been painted the other way around. But like the
Victorian middle classes, their current counterparts control the means of expression and are still largely the voice of the
articulate nation. Even though this, because of the internet, is growing less so, they still control the BBC. And the search engines
reflect their control over the mainstream media.

The rupture here in Britain is indicative of a world wide rupture caused by the  middle class putting itself so wholly in the right,
and the unfolding story of the EU is a  symptom of that wider tragedy. It is a very middle class coup against democracy, and it is
the driving force of divisiveness across Europe.

The passion behind the pleas going out to the rest of the  world to 'please help us' (by signing a largely fake petition) come not
from any knowledge or understanding of the EU, as most middle class people do not know the basics of its workings (they are the
ignorant ones in this) but proceed from the symbolic identification they have given it.

There is naturally a symbolic side to any belief, and the success of either side comes partly from their ability to identify itself
with archetypes and values.  That is what this is about. The symbolic power, not  about the actual facts

The arguments on the leave side lack the fervour and passion of the remainers. Understandably, as they are rooted in mundane
objections based in mere practical facts as they are perceived by them, rightly or wrongly, these are: the loss of self rule, the loss
of democracy, the restriction in the form of regulations caused by the same, and jobs being taken and wages being pushed down
by unlimited white immigration from Europe. None of these are at any rate things that were not argued by the Labour Party
itself in the 1970s and by the present Labour leader himself until the day he was elected leader. And yet these are the very
concerns that are  diabolised by the middle classes who have taken over the Labour movement, the class that now has redefined
left wingism  in accordance with middle class interests, and so that it is now more or less entirely hostile to the working classes.
Incredible though that may seem.

There are facts as perceived on the other side too, of course, practical things concerning their own interests, as on the leave side.
Aside from the unproved, naturally, fears about disruptions to the economy, to which there are always converse predictions
which are given less space on the BBC,  there are concerns about travel and holidays and working abroad  that reflect the
interests of middle class students but that hardly correspond to the global catastrophe predicted about what is after all just one
more country joining the huge majority of other countries that are outside the EU trading happily.  But they are given wider
significance and lent a fervour of belief that is beyond the concrete. And that is because of the success with which the EU has
identified itself  with abstract ideals, however contradictory or unfounded, and the failure of its opponent, democracy, to do

Surely all beliefs have to do this, it isn't necessarily a sign of wrong-headedness? It is true, and it is a deep question. All false
beliefs need it,  all true ones. Religion is made mainly of it, politics uses it, but is supposed to be more practical. Does my own
belief in democracy have an element of it, yes I suppose it does.  We all have to try to allow the facts to be checked against the

We have usually thought in this country that democracy is the system most likely to bring a satisfactory result, but it is not
immune from bad things affecting it. It is responsive and therein lays its strength and its weakness – that's what makes powerful
groups prefer it to be silenced as it can bring change to the status quo and a reduction of their own advantage. The remain
movement despite their self identification with 'the future' (an un-democratic one for their children) is very much about keeping
the status quo, and much of the hysteria is a simple fear of change.

And in  the repression lies the significance of this day's events. It is why there is a demonstration against democracy. Democracy
is a very effective valve for giving expression to just about anything. When there is a psychic repression going on, when there is
a rupture in the mind of the nation or in a powerful class within it, then  democracy itself becomes a dangerous enemy to that
repression,  just as irreligion was a threat to the lid of  the Victorian middle class version of religion holding down the repression
of the mind that it entailed. Irreligion and immorality were dangerous and needed to be repressed. The story of what followed
that period was one where the dreadful consequences of  that repression erupted, when their self righteousness exploded, and
where there was an  adjustment, that is the story of the liberation of the mind that oddly enough is the creed of the very class that
now demonstrates for its repression.

Where does Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party come into this?
In my view he missed an opportunity to heal this giant rift, not just in this country but in the perceptions of things around Europe
Imagine if at a crucial point in the period of the power of Victorian middle class religious domination, there had been a man, as
many men there were, who had upheld that the lower orders were not worse sinners than anyone else and that furthermore the
Church itself was hypocritical and sometimes immoral and was not following the teachings of Christ, and had turned itself into an
instrument of oppression. If he had upheld the valid grievances of the oppressed. And at the same time, as happened, the poor
began to throw off the oppression and either reject religion altogether or find their own churches that more properly followed
Christ. An aspect of age-old oppression was about to be thrown off. Morality was no longer going to belong to the middle classes
alone, and their narrow class-centred definition of it.  The rupture in society and in morality was about to be bridged, an event
which the middle classes naturally damned as satanic or immoral or wrong. Their reaction increased the rupture in society as the
powerful classes were insisting that their view was the only right one and the rest immoral or evil.  - And then our hero is
suddenly promoted within the church. And on that day tears up all his old sermons and, in the interests of church unity, joins in
condemning the poor for their immoral views, and begins to argue for the preservation of the church, of which he was now an
important,  though very subsidiary, member. Imagine what a set-back and shock it would be, as our hero withdraws his support.
All the old doors close again, and all the old lies are revived with renewed fervour, and the poor and oppressed can once more be
roundly condemned for their immorality and irreligion.
If  Jeremy Corbyn  had stood against the  modern Pharisees and the puritans, and the guardians of middle class morality and
stood up against the corruption of the original teachings, and the co-opting of the faith into the narrow self interest of  a
prosperous class,  if he had stood up and said the working classes are not the worst sinners, and are justified in their grievances,
if Corbyn had led the Leave movement in accordance with his heartfelt beliefs it would not have been possible for the middle
classes to diabolise them, and the rupture of the country that we find ourselves in, would not have happened. The majority in
favour of protecting our democracy would have been larger, and the movement would not have been calumniated as it has been.

Instead the repression and pretence continues, and the rupture. While the ruling classes pretend to be also the moral classes that
rupture will continue. Stealing the words of the oppressed and pretending to be them won't help except to silence them and make
it worse. The middle classes can dress up as the poor,  they can claim the words of the underdog, they can pretend to be
oppressed, they can even pretend to be the victims of the poor,  but they cannot easily BE the poor. And on the day they do they
will change their minds and their self-righteousness will pass away. And the furious attempts to repress their own minds and to
project all that is “bad” onto  other people will come to an end.
When the Victorian middle class version of religion fell it was swept away on a wave  released from within their own unconscious
psyches. One part of it was a massive wave of violence in 1914, which they organised and orchestrated themselves, on an
unprecedented scale, - their religion didn't hold them back, that's how much they believed in it really. And that was followed by
another wave of violence driven by a group of nations possessed by the demons of their unconscious. Then followed the
reconstruction of societies where the repressed contents were liberated and incorporated, and this paradoxically is the society
they preside over the remains of. They are marching today to uphold their projection of evil onto others, and their intention is
to remove democracy and preserve their unchallenged power and to perpetuate the rupture in their own minds.