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A Radical new movement based in the working class struggle for a fair distribution of wealth, both in Britain and worldwide.
First Published on the day after Britain's decision to recover its democratic rights 24th, June 2016

If You Want Social Diversity Then Open the Universities To The Working Classes

There is much ado at present about the war being waged by the middle class left against free speech in
the universities, maybe more like a simple battle to change where the centre is, which is how many of
the activists describe it, all couched in terms of utmost radicalism but  which actually changes very little.

Another way of seeing it is as the death throes of middle class ascendancy, the girlies angry at
grandfather whose money is still paying her fees and whose influence will still get her a plum job at the
BBC, or other high spot where she can exert her undue influence of narrow mindedness and social
prejudice. Maybe that's unfair? An oversimplification. But it has the benefit of being an opinion they
would probably like to ban. Its very easy to get banned these days. And we ought to be very wary of
allowing the middle classes to sharpen their authoritarian claws at universities, because they will soon
be using them on the rest of us when they get their powerful and influential jobs. They ban even left
wing speakers, as well as conservatives at universities today, they'll  be banning them in on TV
tomorrow and in parliament the next day.

But their day will come, to be removed. The middle classes  needn't always occupy further and higher
education as if its their own. What makes the middle classes think they will always go on having a
seemingly God given right to be the sole or main beneficiaries of university education? They do a lot of
crocodile crying pretending they want diversity but do they? Is it diversity they want? Or is it guests to
bolster their own sense of entitlement?

Universities, like schools, are essentially middle class institutions, they are set up in a way to suit them
and their needs and preferences,  that is almost a truism. Many people would wonder why that is a
problem. Just as they would wonder why it is a problem that all money and power and influence in our
soiciety, from politics to culture to the media to education, all rests in the hands of the middle classes.
Just as they would wonder why roughly 40% of the population is treated as junior partners and paid
accordingly. Middle class feminists take note.

In fact social diversity, i.e. letting the working classes into universities is the last thing the middle classes
want or would allow, and that is why they have to be themselves removed, shoved into a corner while
things go ahead and change without them.
The idea that universities should be full of 18 year olds is one that is entirely random and favours of
course the middle classes. It is the middle classes whom it suits best to go to university at 18. because
they are the ones who are academically ready at that age for a number of reasons: they have gone to
better schools, the schools are designed to suit them furthermore, they have had support fr    om
parents who are better educated, and working class family expectations tend to involve working and
earning to bring in money, rather than the deferred gratification that the middle classes can afford.

Working class people are more likely to want a university education after they have already worked for
a number of years and are more mature. This is when they are likely to want higher or further
education. And there is no reason why the nations universities shouldn't be organised to reflect that.
The reason they aren't is because of social prejudice – it is presumed that middle class kids are clever
and go to university and working class kids are stupid and go to work. This is reflected in the dumbing
down of university courses to try to accommodate working class pupils, as if by destroying the content
of a course you make it more suitable to the working classes. But if universities wanted better students
they might do well to look at mature working class students rather than immature middle class ones.
This is especially true at present when added to their natural immaturity is an unfortunate tendency to
be indoctrinated by narrow minded puritanical ideologies that are the enemy to learning. When it leads
to students dictating to universities what they are to teach and when the content is limited by
puritanism then perhaps the time has come to open the universities to those who genuinely want to

If “diversity” is really the aim, and thats a big “if”, then this would be an effective way to bring it about.
This is social diversity. As for racial diversity, well,  most immigrants are working class, and if
universities were to actively work to adapt themselves to working class needs in terms of entry, for
example by giving preference to people who have worked already for a number of years,  and to those
on low incomes, then a wave of real diversity would follow. Mature students might have different needs,
evening lectures, expanded child-care facilities, as well as introductory courses for those unfamiliar
with academic technique. But there is no reason to think this different in-take would be less able to
benefit from the opportunity to learn – far from it. In fact, universities would benefit from a better
standard of student, mature, sensible, open-minded, less easily led, willing to learn and equally
intelligent. It is hard to see any grounds for objecting. Unless of course the middle classes think they are
more intelligent than working class people, or more deserving in some other way?

In fact the last thing the middle classes want is to give away any of their power and privilage to the
working classes whose way of life and opinions and tastes they openly despise. That is a distinguishing
feature of the bourgeoise so called 'left'.

The time is ripe for universities to stop being crèches for overprivileged and spoilt middle class brats who
don't even want to learn. The briers need cutting away, the evidence of regressiveness is undeniable. It
is time to make universities part of creating a more egalitarian society where classes are equal in power
and wealth. It gives us the added benefit of preserving academia from the misguided dumbing down
from which it is suffering and which working class people don't want, and from the nasty middle class  
affinity for censorship. Open the doors.
If You Want Social Diversity Then Open the
Universities To The Working Classes

Mature Students Arguably Better Than Immature Ones