Journal of the
Reclaim the left for the working classes
First Published on the day after Britain's decision to recover its democratic rights 24th,
June 2016
(EU) Nationalism On The Streets Of London And All Across

It was chillingly reminiscent of a German nationalism film from the pre -war days, happy sunny
families wheeling their blonde children, beaming family groups, draped in the National flags of their
nation and their creed. The reports of it emphasised the peaceful aspect of it, the inevitability of it. A
few ragged dissenters lined the ways, not really able to make much of an impression upon this
overwhelming tide of nationalistic fervour. For this, like all nationalism, to be fair, was belief not just
in a nation but in a vision, an ideal, a belief, one you couldn't quite put your finger on, an
indefinable charismatic hope that had identified itself as the future.

Yes this was EU nationalism, the flags were blue with stars all around. So beautiful.

The EU is a nation state like any other. It has all the characteristics and attributes of one. It has a
government, albeit unelected, a parliament albeit a rubber stamp version, a head of state, an army is
planned, a police force is planned, it has borders, hard hard borders like any other nation state,  as
we are learning to our cost, it has a flag that it is illegal not to fly, it has a national anthem, it has an
immigration policy, it has an economic policy, it has a bank, the Deutsche bank, it has a currency, it
has an expansionist foreign policy, it has a nationalistic craving for power, it has regions,  rich ones
and poor ones, it has inequality within its borders that, just like any other nation state, it promises
to reduce, it has a wages policy (anti-union) it has a propaganda department, it has a secret police, it
has spies, it has government departments, it has class differences, it has a ruling elite, it has a sense
of nation and of race, it has values it identifies as its own as opposed to those of any other place
(European values) it has European racism (“I am a European”), it even has an EU youth
apparently who eagerly eye the cemeteries being filled up with the last of those who can remember
democracy, it has nationalism, un-reasoning, irrational adulation and loyalty to everything it stands
for. The EU is a nation state and it inspires nationalism. So let's not talk about nationalism as if it is
something to be found only in the regions that go to make up the EU. Anyone who avows
themselves loyal to the EU is a nationalist as much as anyone else who opposes it. This may be
irrelevant, or it may be very relevant, but it cannot only work one way.

Someone living in Virginia in 1850 might have been a keen advocate of the United States of
America. They might have listed a dislike of state armies (militias) as one of the reasons. They were
advocating the formation of the biggest military nation the world has ever seen.

The EU is already the biggest unelected regime outside China. It is to be feared like any other
dictatorship, and like any other very large state.

As for racism, there are of course more black people and Asians per head in the UK than in Europe,
so the idea that not wanting unlimited immigration from the almost entirely white EU is “racism “
relies on a redefining of racism – to mean not wanting people from other countries taking your job
OR, since the EU is our country, not wanting cheap labour from another region in your own
country, being used to push your wages down. This is something the left has always resisted until
now, now when EU nationalism has taken over leftwingism and transformed it into its opposite.
Now the trade unionist who resists scab labour is a racist. The EU nationalists have got a slogan to
defeat the working classes of Europe with, to make them accept classic capitalist labour policy (on
yer bike' as Norman Tebbit put it). No wonder the middle classes love their new country.